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Market Information Systems (D) Task Force

2022 Membership

2022 Adopted Charges

The mission of the Market Information Systems (D) Task Force is to provide business expertise regarding the desired functionality of the NAIC Market Information Systems (MIS) and the prioritization of regulatory requests for the development and enhancements of the MIS.

Ongoing Support of NAIC Programs, Products or Services

  1. The Market Information Systems (D) Task Force will:
    1. Ensure that the MIS support the strategic direction set forth by the Market Regulation and Consumer Affairs (D) Committee.
    2. Develop recommendations for the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) abilities in NAIC Market Information Systems for use in market analysis. Complete by the 2022 Summer National Meeting.
    3. Analyze the data in the MIS. If needed, recommend methods to ensure better data quality. Complete by the 2022 Fall National Meeting.
    4. Provide guidance on the appropriate use of the MIS and the data entered in them.
      1. Complaint Database System (CDS).
      2. Electronic Forums.
      3. Market Actions Tracking System (MATS).
      4. Market Analysis Profile.
      5. Market Analysis Prioritization Tool (MAPT).
      6. Market Analysis Review System (MARS).
      7. Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS).
      8. Regulatory Information Retrieval System (RIRS).
      9. 1033 State Decision Repository (in conjunction with the Antifraud (D) Task Force).
  2. The Market Information Systems Research and Development (D) Working Group will:
    1. Serve as the business partner to review and prioritize submitted Uniform System Enhancement Request (USER) forms to ensure an efficient use of available NAIC staffing and resources.
    2. Assist the Task Force with tasks as assigned, such as:
      1.  Analyze MIS data.
      2. Provide state users with query access to MIS data.
      3. Provide guidance on the appropriate use of the MIS.

NAIC Support Staff: Randy Helder


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Media Inquiries
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Randy Helder
Assistant Director Market Regulation
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cell: 816-401-2954

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