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Producer Licensing Uniformity (D) Working Group

2022 Membership

2022 Adopted Charges

The Producer Licensing Uniformity (D) Working Group will:

  1. Work closely with state producer licensing directors and exam vendors to ensure: 1) the states achieve full compliance with the standards in order to achieve greater uniformity; and 2) the exams test the qualifications for an entry-level position as a producer.
  2. Provide oversight and ongoing updates, as needed, to the State Licensing Handbook. Complete by the 2020 Fall National Meeting.
  3. Monitor and assess the state implementation of the Uniform Licensing Standards and update the standards, as needed. Complete by the 2020 Fall National Meeting.
  4. Review and update, as needed, the NAIC’s uniform producer licensing applications and uniform appointment form. Provide any recommended updates to the Producer Licensing (D) Task Force by June 1.

There are no call materials at this time.

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Greg Welker
Antifraud and Producer Licensing Program Manager

Please see the current Committee List for a complete list of committee members.