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Antifraud (D) Task Force

2021 Membership

2021 Adopted Charges

The mission of the Antifraud (D) Task Force is to serve the public interest by assisting the state insurance supervisory officials, individually and collectively, through the detection, monitoring and appropriate referral for investigation of insurance crime, both by and against consumers. The Task Force will assist the insurance regulatory community by conducting the following activities: maintain and improve electronic databases regarding fraudulent insurance activities; disseminate the results of research and analysis of insurance fraud trends, as well as case-specific analysis, to the insurance regulatory community; and provide a liaison function between insurance regulators, law enforcement (federal, state, local and international) and other specific antifraud organizations. The Task Force also will serve as a liaison with the NAIC Information Technology Group (ITG) and other NAIC committees, task forces and/or working groups to develop technological solutions for data collection and information-sharing. The Task Force will monitor all aspects of antifraud activities by its working groups on the following charges.

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  1. The Antifraud (D) Task Force will:
    1. Work with NAIC committees, task forces and working groups (e.g., Title Insurance (C) Task Force, etc.) to review issues and concerns related to fraud activities and schemes related to insurance fraud.
    2. Coordinate efforts to address national concerns related to agent fraud and activities of unauthorized agents related to insurance sales.
    3. Coordinate the enforcement and investigation efforts of state and federal securities regulators with state insurance fraud bureaus.
    4. Coordinate with state, federal and international law enforcement agencies in addressing antifraud issues relating to the insurance industry.
    5. Review and provide comments to the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) on its Insurance Core Principles (ICPs) related to insurance fraud.
    6. Coordinate activities and information from national antifraud organizations and provide information to state insurance fraud bureaus.
    7. Coordinate activities and information with state and federal fraud divisions to determine guidelines that will assist with reciprocal involvement concerning antifraud issues resulting from natural disasters and catastrophes.
    8. Coordinate efforts with the insurance industry to address antifraud issues and concerns.
    9. Evaluate and recommend methods to track national fraud trends.
  1. The Antifraud Education Enhancement (D) Working Group will:
    1. Develop seminars, trainings and webinars regarding insurance fraud. Provide three webinars by the 2021 Fall National Meeting.
  1. The Antifraud Technology (D) Working Group will:
    1. Review and provide recommendations for the development of an Antifraud Plan Repository to be used by insurers to create and store an electronic fraud plan for distribution among the states/jurisdictions.
    2. Evaluate sources of antifraud data and propose methods for enhancing the utilization and exchange of information among state insurance regulators, fraud investigative divisions, law enforcement officials, insurers, and antifraud organizations. Complete by the 2021 Fall National Meeting.
  2. The Improper Marketing of Health Insurance (D) Working Group will:
    1. Coordinate with regulators, both on a state and federal level, to provide assistance and guidance monitoring the improper marketing of health plans, and coordinate appropriate enforcement actions, as needed, with other NAIC Committees, task forces, and working groups.
    2. Review existing NAIC Models and Guidelines that address the use of lead generators for sales of health insurance products, and identify models and guidelines that need to be updated or developed to address current marketplace activities.
Antifraud (D) Task Force - Open Webex Meeting

Public Webex Meeting
Monday, July 26, 2021
11:00 AM ET, 10:00 AM CT, 9:00 AM MT, 8:00 AM PT Expected Length of Call: 1 hr
Webex Link

Interim meeting in lieu of the Summer National Meeting.

The Antifraud (D) Task Force will: 1) consider adoption of its May 25 minutes; 2) consider adoption of the reports of the Antifraud Technology (D) Working Group and the Antifraud Education Enhancement (D) Working Group; 3) discuss insurance fraud related to COVID-19; and 4) hear updates from interested parties about their recent activities to address insurance fraud.

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Greg Welker
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