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Producer Licensing (D) Task Force

2024 Membership

2024 Adopted Charges

The mission of the Producer Licensing (D) Task Force is to 1) develop and implement uniform license applications, standards, interpretations, and treatment of producer and adjuster licensees and licensing terminology; 2) monitor and respond to developments related to licensing reciprocity; 3) coordinate with industry and consumer groups regarding priorities for licensing reforms; and 4) provide direction based on NAIC membership initiatives to the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) Board of Directors regarding the development and implementation of uniform producer licensing initiatives, with a primary emphasis on encouraging the use of electronic technology.

Ongoing Support of NAIC Programs, Products, or Services

  1. The Producer Licensing (D) Task Force will:

    1. Work closely with NIPR to encourage the full utilization of NIPR products and services by all the states and producers, and encourage accurate and timely reporting of state administrative actions to the NAIC’s Regulatory Information Retrieval System (RIRS) to ensure that this data is properly reflected in the State Producer Licensing Database (SPLD) and the Producer Database (PDB).
    2. Facilitate roundtable discussions, as needed, with the state producer licensing directors for the exchange of views, opinions, and ideas on producer licensing activities in the states and at the NAIC.
    3. Discuss, as necessary, state perspectives regarding the regulation and benefit of the activities of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), established enrollment assisters (including navigators and non-navigator assisters and certified application counselors), and the activities of producers in assisting individuals and businesses purchasing in the health insurance marketplaces. Coordinate with the Health Insurance and Managed Care (B) Committee and the Antifraud (D) Task Force, as necessary.
    4. Monitor the activities of the National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers (NARAB) in the development and enforcement of the NARAB membership rules, including the criteria for successfully passing a background check.
    5. Coordinate through NAIC staff to provide guidance to NIPR on producer licensing-related electronic initiatives. Hear a report from NIPR at each national meeting.
    6. Coordinate with the Market Information Systems (D) Task Force and the Antifraud (D) Task Force to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the entry, retention, and use of data in the NAIC’s Market Information Systems (MIS).
    7. Coordinate with the Special (EX) Committee on Race and Insurance on referrals affecting insurance producers.
    8. Discuss how criminal convictions may affect producer licensing applicants, review, and amend the NAIC’s Guidelines for State Insurance Regulators to the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 as needed to create a more simplified and consistent approach in how states review 1033 waiver requests.
  2. The Adjuster Licensing (D) Working Group will:        
    1. Monitor state implementation of adjuster licensing and reciprocity; update the NAIC adjuster licensing standards, as necessary.
  3. The Producer Licensing Uniformity (D) Working Group will:
    1. Work closely with state producer licensing directors and exam vendors to ensure that 1) the states achieve full compliance with the standards in order to achieve greater uniformity and 2) the exams test the qualifications for an entry-level position as a producer.
    2. Provide oversight and ongoing updates to the State Licensing Handbook, as needed.
    3. Monitor and assess the state implementation of the Uniform Licensing Standards (ULS) and update the standards, as needed.
    4. Review and update the NAIC’s uniform producer licensing applications and uniform appointment form, as needed. Provide any recommended updates to the Producer Licensing (D) Task Force by the NAIC Summer National Meeting.
  4. The Public Adjuster Licensing (D) Working Group will:
    1. Review and amend the Public Adjuster Licensing Model Act (#228) as needed to enhance consumer protections in the property/casualty (P/C) claims process.
  5. The Uniform Education (D) Working Group will:
    1. Update the reciprocity guidelines, the uniform application forms for continuing education (CE) providers, and the process for state review and approval of instructors and courses, as needed. Provide any recommended updates to the Producer Licensing (D) Task Force by the Fall National Meeting.
    2. Coordinate with NAIC parent committees, task forces, and/or working groups to review and provide recommendations on prelicensing education and CE requirements that are included in NAIC model acts, regulations, and/or standards, as necessary.
Producer Licensing (D) TF Call

Public Conference Call
Wednesday, May 31, 2023
12:30 PM ET, 11:30 AM CT, 10:30 AM MT, 9:30 AM PT
Expected Length of Call: 1 hr
Webex Link

To be determined.

Producer Licensing (D) TF Call

Public Conference Call
Friday, October 28, 2022
12:00 PM ET, 11:00 AM CT, 10:00 AM MT, 9:00 AM PT
Expected Length of Call: 1 hr
Webex Link

To be determined.

Producer Licensing (D) TF Call

Public Conference Call
Thursday, May 05, 2022
12:30 PM ET, 11:30 AM CT, 10:30 AM MT, 9:30 AM PT
Expected Length of Call: 1 hr
Webex Link

To be determined.

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