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Reinsurance Financial Analysis (E) Working Group

2024 Membership

2024 Adopted Charges

The Reinsurance Financial Analysis (E) Working Group will:

  1. Operate in regulator-to-regulator session, pursuant to paragraph 3 (specific companies, entities, or individuals) of the NAIC Policy Statement on Open Meetings, and operate in open session when discussing certified reinsurance topics and policy issues, such as amendments to the Uniform Application for Certified or Reciprocal Reinsurers.
  2. Provide advisory support and assistance to states in the review of reinsurance collateral reduction applications. The process of reviewing applications for reinsurance collateral reduction and qualified jurisdictions should strengthen state regulation and prevent regulatory arbitrage.
  3. Provide a forum for discussion among NAIC jurisdictions of reinsurance issues related to specific companies, entities, or individuals.
  4. Support, encourage, promote, and coordinate multistate efforts in addressing issues related to certified reinsurers, including, but not limited to, multistate recognition of certified or reciprocal reinsurers.
  5. Provide analytical expertise and support to the states with respect to certified reinsurers and applicants.
  6. Provide advisory support on issues related to the determination of qualified jurisdictions.
  7. Ensure the public passporting website remains current.
Certified/Reciprocal Reinsurance — PUBLIC NOTES
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