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Statistical Data (C) Working Group

2022 Membership

2022 Adopted Charges

The Statistical Data (C) Working Group will:

  1. Consider updates and changes to the Statistical Handbook of Data Available to Insurance Regulators.
  2. Consider updates and developments, provide technical assistance, and oversee the production of the following reports and databases. Periodically evaluate the demand and utility versus the costs of production of each product.
    1. Dwelling Fire, Homeowners Owner-Occupied, and Homeowners Tenant and Condominium/Cooperative Unit Owners Insurance.
    2. Auto Insurance Database.
    3. Competition Database Report.
    4. Report on Profitability by Line by State.
  3. Implement the expedited reporting and publication of average auto and average homeowners premium portions of the annual Auto Insurance Database and Owner-Occupied, and Homeowners Tenant and Condominium/Cooperative Unit Owner's Insurance.

NAIC Support Staff: Libby Crews

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