Financial Stability (E) Task Force

2021 Membership


The mission of the Financial Stability (E) Task Force is to consider issues concerning domestic or global financial stability as they pertain to the role of state insurance regulators.

2021 Adopted Charges

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  1. The Financial Stability (E) Task Force will:
    1. Consider issues concerning domestic and global financial stability as they pertain to the role of state insurance regulators and make recommendations to the International Insurance Relations (G) Committee, the Government Relations (EX) Leadership Council and/or the Executive (EX) Committee, as appropriate.
      1. Analyze existing post-financial crisis regulatory reforms for their application in identifying macroeconomic trends, including identifying possible areas of improvement or gaps, and propose to the Financial Condition (E) Committee or other relevant committee enhancements and/or additions to further improve the ability of state insurance regulators and the industry to address macroprudential impacts; consult with such committees on implementation, as needed.
    2. Consider state insurance regulators’ input to national and international discussions on macroeconomic vulnerabilities affecting the insurance sector.
      1. Monitor international macroprudential activities at forums like the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS).
      2. Implement the Macroprudential Initiative (MPI) domestically, which includes enhancements to the U.S. regulatory toolkit as part of the State Ahead initiative.
    3. Serve as a forum to coordinate state insurance regulators’ perspectives on a wide variety of issues arising from the designation of a U.S. insurance group as “systemically important” and “internationally active” both pre- and post-designation, including:
      1. Where appropriate, develop policy recommendations and/or guidance regarding the role, responsibilities and activities of state insurance regulators in the context of consolidated supervision resulting from designation.
      2. Analyze proposed rules by the federal agencies that relate to financial stability.
      3. Analyze proposed policy measures regarding supervisory standards for global systemically important insurers (G-SIIs) and internationally active insurance groups (IAIGs).
      4. Develop comment letters on such analysis for further consideration by the International Insurance Relations (G) Committee, the Government Relations (EX) Leadership Council, and/or the Executive (EX) Committee, as appropriate.


Financial Stability (E) Task Force

Public Webex Meeting
Monday, February 22, 2021
10:00 AM ET, 9:00 AM CT, 8:00 AM MT, 7:00 AM PT Expected Length of Call: 1 hr
Webex Link

Interim meeting in lieu of the Spring National Meeting.

The purpose of this call is to kickoff Financial Stability Task Force work for 2021.

Education & Training Events

There are no education and training events at this time.

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Todd Sells
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Tim Nauheimer
Sr. Financial Markets Advisor – Macroprudential Surveillance
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