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Transparency and Readability of Consumer Information (C) Working Group

2024 Membership

2024 Adopted Charges

The Transparency and Readability of Consumer Information (C) Working Group will:

  1. Facilitate consumers’ capacity to understand the content of insurance policies and assess differences in insurers’ policy forms.
  2. Assist other groups with drafting language included within consumer-facing documents.
  3. Discuss disclosures for premium increases related to P/C insurance products. .
  4. Update and develop web page and mobile content for A Shopping Tool for Homeowners Insurance and A Shopping Tool for Automobile Insurance.
  5. Study and evaluate ways to engage department of insurance (DOI) communication with more diverse populations, such as rural communities.

NAIC Support Staff: Anne Obersteadt

Transparency and Readability of Consumer Information (C) Working Group WebEx Meeting 12/11/2023

Public Conference Call
Monday, December 11, 2023
2:00 PM ET, 1:00 PM CT, 12:00 PM MT, 11:00 AM PT
Expected Length of Call: 1 hr
Webex Link

Purpose: Virtual meeting to hear a presentation on preliminary research being done by the University of Georgia on assessing readability of insurance policies. The Sept. 26 minutes will also be considered for adoption and the drafting group will provide an update on the drafting of premium increase transparency guidance.  

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